I am proud to introduce our SUN litter, affectionately known as our SUN BURSTS!

Summer whelped 6 healthy pups on 8/26/2015, 3 gorgeous dogs and 3 beautiful bitches. The pups are being raised in an environment that is enriched with sight, sounds, smells and footing. The pups were exposed to ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction) from 3 to 16 days old. The pups were introduced to one new scent, per day, ranging from leather gloves to human remains. Our pups are being raised to be extremely confident in every situation. They enjoy age-appropriate new challenges each day with things such as bubble wrap to walk on and a pattern of boxes set up to create a maze.

Our SUN BURSTS are vWD clear by parentage, have tails and dewclaws removed, will be cropped on October 17th, and will have received proper age-appropriate vaccination and de-worming protocol. They are and will have been properly socialized, experienced proper grooming hygiene, have been on car rides and have had bi-weekly massages with a professional canine massage therapist.

The pups will be evaluated by 2 IPO helpers (1 National level, 1 regional level), 2 SAR handlers from the MISAR team, and one behaviorist trainer, who will perform their Volhard puppy test, at the appropriate ages.

Puppies may begin to go to their new homes after their ears are healed, stiches have been removed and the first posting has been done.

Please take a few minutes to watch our photo video.



Our puppies include:

- AKC limited Registration

- Age appropriate vaccinations and de-worming

- Microchip for permanent identification with pre-paid enrollment

- Detailed information packet including pedigree, vaccination.information, and copies of sire/dam health testing ..information

- Detailed evaluation results

- Ear aftercare (includes posting for local homes)

- 100% breed support for the life of the dog





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